Ron Browning

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I just happened upon your website and love it. Your even more awesome than I thought
Ron Thank you for the privilege of observing your voice class. I was there as a guess of Ms. Linda Rose. Just thought I should say thanks. Su I ask one question. Does voice lesson really help a person learn to sing on key even if they have no vocal skills?
Hey, my friend!! Wow, I knew you were going to be great way back at UK! And now I see that you are! Please write to me! Still love you! Mel
Hi! Glad to see you're happy and doing well! :)
Sending you love and good vibes! Love trhe look of your new website and hope to see you soon!
A voice from the past- specifically 44 years past. I stumbled onto your website , and was not surprised to read about your success in the music business. You could dazzle an audience at a very young age. Congratulations on a stellar career and much deserved success ! DC
Ronnie, how wonderful to "connect" with you. No word or contact since high school. How we adored you! Your smile, laughter, sense of humor, and talent. You were such fun! Embedded in my memory is your rendition of "Last Date", played to a full, adoring house in Room 111, the "music room" of Dilce Combs High School. Do you ever return for the annual, all classes, high school reunion? It is always on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. God bless! Here's wishing you the very best.
Hey Ron. It's me Candace. The one that's a student of Goldie's - the one who fell wearing high heels. I talked to you on the phone a couple months back. I was actually looking for Goldie here on the computer and found this place so I thought I'd drop by to say hey. :] Maybe I'll talk to you on the phone again sometime. :)
Mr. Browning, it's JUNG from HOOVER Class of 1989! OMG, I'm about to start crying looking at your pictures, you look awesome! I think about you often and the impact your music had in my life...I will always cherish the wonderful time I spent by the piano learning about singing, music & life. You truly touched my life and my passion & love for music and I can't thank you enough. I'm leaving my email address, please keep in touch!
Hi Mr. Browning! I don't know if you remember me from Hoover - Class of 1987 (with Sean H., Tasha Hein, etc.). Your drama class was the highlight of my senior year. I don't think I ever told you that one of the main reasons I took drama that year was because I had snuck into the auditorium several times just to listen to you play piano. :) You are a transporting artist, and an inspiring teacher. Looks like you are doing great, and I hope you are well! Thanks for being such a big influence in my life. Take care! - Karen Murphy
heyy ron:] im about to go out singing for a songwriters thing tonight at 4:30. and i was doing my vocal lessons that you gave me to do and i was thinkin i miss ron so much! and i just wanted to say thank you so much for everything youve done for me! im so thankful to have had you as my vocal coach! thank you for everything. i miss you and hope you are doing good! and my mom said to tell you she said heyy too. i gotta go. byee ron:] love, kayla:]
Ron, you're a master at what you do and an inspiration to all whose path you cross. Thank you for being a beacon! L&L
Dear Mr. Browning, I'm used to calling you that, so please forgive! ;-) Rewind time back to 1986-87 when you were the drama/voice teacher at Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. Good times and some great memories. I recall working hard as a member of the stage crew, and being involved in most of the cool productions we had, especially Grease. Anyways, great to see you are doing great. Keep up the awesome work.
Hi Ronnie ! Remember me? Your little, crazy friend from Vicco? My sister, Jo, just got me your CD from your Mom & I just love it! Now my daughters & sisters want one so I got on the computer to see what I could find. Very impressive, what you've done with your talent. I just wanted to say "hi" & let you know how I cherish the friendship we had. I'm listening to you CD now & it's put me in a "Sentimental Mood." Take Care, Your Old Friend, Sandy Campbell, Shirk
I just wanted to let you know, I received your cd yesterday, and I love it! I listened to it all evening. It's so relaxing, and you play so beautifully! And I love the vinyl cd, that was a nice touch. Great job on the cover--it matched the style of your cd very well. Let me know if you're planning on any local concerts!
remember the vision we had ..years ago about the cam idea of communication for lessons looks like it's on the way for the near future for your students...but of course you are a visionary..but bet you never in your wildest could imagine how great you are and how much we all love ya thank you so much for all your support and having me on your star student list on your site
HI Mr browning I am Dewey i am a friend of your brother scott browning he is a great friend i love your CD i really like it this is my kind of music sorry if my spelling is a little bad i just wonted to say hello Dewey
RON!!!!! OMG!!! You are AMAZING!!!! You truly have to be my idol! I have looked up to you since I was twelve years old! I cant explain my happiness for you! I love you very much and you are always in my thoughts!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Love Your Little Flower! Channing Grimes
YOU R THE BOMB We are so excited for all your success. keep it up I can't wait to hear your CD.... love ya Becky, Kent, Knacey, & Joanah
Ron, What an honor it is to celebrate in your joy! It's always a treat when you visit....We love seeing your smile and hearing your stories. Thanks for including us in your CD release party...we are very happy to call you our friend. May God continue to bless you with the talent you share with so many. Love, Rose and Kathryn
I loved your performance at Studio G on Sunday. I cant wait to get eah and every one of your CD's. Plus I cant wait for you autograph signing at Wal-mart. I sure hope you will be able to come and do another another show with all of us soon. I really enjoyed last years Halloween show. You are the GREATEST!!
Ron, It was fabulous seeing you today at Studio G! Being together again made me realize how much I miss all of our great times. I called Mary Elizabeth and gave her a detailed description of our wonderful afternoon. She looks forward to hearing your CD. I told her how incredible it is!!! Thanks for including us in your special day today. We love you and are so proud of you.
Ron, Just ordered your CD. Listened to it on line and love it. Dreama emailed me to tell me about it. I am currently living in Kaiserslautern Germany. I am so glad to see all you are doing. It is good to see you doing well. I look forward to receiving you CD. Love you and am always wishing you the best!! Rhonda Tolle Beaman
Hi Ron! I am so sorry I was unable to make your CD release party! I heard you were fabulous! Congratulations on your new CD...much love and future success! Darden
I'm listening to it now & it's gorgeous! I bought a copy at the old drugstore in Harrodsburg yesterday. Miss you. Maggi
I finally got your terrific CD away from my husband today and brought it to work. We are all enjoying it very much! It is really a work of art. Fun CD release party too, you were totally in your element. CONGRATULATIONS on all of it! Love you. LAINA
Hi, Ron. I can't believe a whole week has gone by and I haven't told you how much I am enjoying your CD...especially Chelsea Bridge...I think that's my favorite...I don't know, whatever I'm listening to at the time.... Everything about your party was absolutely perfect. What a day it must have been for you! As you were playing, I was just wishing I had as much music in my whole body as you have in your little finger!!! See you soon. Lovingly, Melissa
You're website looks fabulous...just like you!!!
Your new CD is fantastic! It’s so sensual and relaxing to listen to. You play with such sensitivity and passion. It is my favorite and I am enjoying it so much! I listen to it almost every evening when I'm relaxing before bedtime. Congratulations! PS, your website is outstanding! Love, Lucy
Hey Ron!! I just checked out your site. Wow, that was put together tremendously!! Lots of detail and you get a good sense of who Ron Browning is without even meeting him. Although I have. He's a cool guy....So, I'm auditioning for the 5th season of Nashville Star here in Tampa on September 21st. I'm looking for some tips here. I'm going to sing Anything But Mine (Kenny Chesney). I sang that for you during our lessons. I am hoping that you could fill me in a bit, seeing as though you have judged previous talent competitions. What will the judges be looking for, vocally and visually? Anyway, i know you're busy but I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again for all your help! Zack
My, my, 6 years and you haven't aged a day--in fact, I think you've gotten younger! :-) I was so excited to hear about your new cd--I always loved to hear your jazz, and I look forward to ordering it! I'm so glad to see that things are going so well for you. And I love your website--your designer did an incredible job! I just wanted to drop you a note and congratulate you on your success!
Hi Sweetie~You're CD release party was GREAT! You played wonderfully and you looked fabulous! ;-) And I love the CD!
Ron, I thank God with everyday that you are my brother. You have given me so much, it is impossible for you to ever know to what degree I love and admire you. Just to know all the things you've worked through to get here, makes me appreciate you even more. Thank you for being my best friend when we were kids and still today. I have always and will always be in your corner. Thank you for my livelyhood. And thank for not only your talents, but thank you for being a NICE guy. Just one question - How come Mom and Dad gave you all the "good looking" genes???? I Love you so much, Your little sister (yes I am the youngest) Goldie
Ron, I just want to tell you what an amazing person you are, musician and otherwise. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for sharing your talent and love with the world! Love and light, Christina
Hi Honey, Your website looks great! So proud of your performance last night for your cd release! I just can't believe how far you have come. Roger and I love you so much!
I always knew you are the greatest. You get younger and better looking all the time. Show me the magic. I love and miss you. I can't wait to see you on the 20th. Mommie would be so proud and is with you every minute, I bet. Love jane